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When should I seek osteopathic help during lockdown? 

With local virus numbers climbing it is not always easy to know when a visit is advisable. Whilst our clinic is as safe as it can be, close contact work can never be 100 percent risk free. 

So a good guideline is that an appointment would be appropriate if any of these apply:

  • You are in pain and feel like it is increasing or you are not coping or becoming very worried about it. 
  • Your condition is stopping you from sleeping. 
  • You are struggling to work or to do light exercise.
  • You feel that your condition is affecting your mental well being.
  • If you are unable to access a usual line of support such as physiotherapy via the nhs.


However, if you tick any of these 

 – You are supposed to be shielding or you have a medical condition that means you may be more vulnerable  to severe covid . 

 – You are over 70 years of age and are not yet vaccinated.

 – You are coping reasonably well with your symptoms but feel that you would benefit from professional advice or guidance .


 Then we advise that you opt for a telephone or video consultation. Get the help you need without the risk . 

If in doubt call and arrange to speak to one of our practitioners for specific guidance. 

01677 425858