Are you suffering from a Sports Injury?

Osteopathic treatment can be used to help with a large variety of minor sporting injuries and tensions. As osteopaths our strength lies in assessing how your body functions and getting you to work towards achieving the best level of mobility and strength that you can.

Many sporting pains arise because the body has been overloaded or stretched beyond its capabilities. Problems may arise from the repetitive actions required to play the sport.

Problems may begin as we get older. Our joints tend to stiffen and this may require a change in our exercise routine, for example a longer warm up or deeper stretches.

We are always happy to talk to you about your specific pain or problem prior to booking an appointment, just call or email us and ask to speak to one of the osteopaths.

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Top tips to avoid injury

Always warm up gently and warm down by stretching out the areas you have used.

If you have an acute injury using ice on the area may help (not too cold you do not want to freeze the area).

Work within your limits, you may feel fine at the time but if the sport is new to you or you have not been exercising for a while your body will need time to adapt to the new routine. It is often not until 24-48 hours after exercise that you feel any ill effects.

Try to do exercise that you enjoy. Why spend hours on a rowing machine if you loathe it? Dance, run, walk, play rounders with your children, do exercise that rewards you. You will be more relaxed and less likely to rush and injure yourself if you are having fun.

Case study of a patient with tennis elbow

Female patient with a 6 month history of tennis elbow that was not settling with manual therapy. The osteopath discovered that her upper back was stiff and therefore reducing the amount of rotation possible, this caused stiffness in the shoulder muscles which led to altered elbow mechanics. Once the upper back and shoulder had been addressed the elbow was able to heal.

Before treatment I felt stiff and old. After treatment I felt relaxed, had smooth movements and a lot fitter and able to enjoy walking again. Able to go about daily tasks much easier and walk the dogs a lot faster.

M Peet