Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy sessions at Bedale Osteopaths are provided by our dedicated nutritionist, Nicola Rawstron. How you eat and drink is at the very core of your body’s health and wellbeing. A healthy eating plan doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, and small changes can make a big difference. If you are interested in changing the way you eat but you are not sure how to go about it, contact us to arrange a chat.

There is so much conflicting information and so many fads associated with the diet and nutrition industry, and they are changing all the time. A nutritional therapy consultation can help you to navigate and find the changes that will best suit you and help you to achieve your personal aims and goals. Nicola offers down to earth, practical advice alongside tailored menu suggestions that can help you.

A Nutritional Therapy Consultation might help you if you are looking for advice on:

  • Timing of meals and snacks when exercising/ how to fuel your body to get the most from exercising.
  • Nutritional requirements when pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Balancing macronutrients
  • Deciding on whether you need “superfoods”, and how best to include
    these in your diet
  • Nutrition for older adults
  • Optimising your microbiome
  • Advice on how to optimise your nutrition during illness or convalescence.

Your initial contact with us will be a free phone call to quickly assess whether this type of therapy will be suitable for you, whether you have any medical issues that would prevent us from being able to advise you, and to allow some time for you to prepare for your first appointment.

01677 425858

What happens during treatment?

Your Initial Assessment:

Follow up appointment:

Follow up appointments are around 30-45 minutes in length and will be booked if appropriate, at the end of your initial assessment. This will likely be a few weeks after your initial assessment.

At this appointment a more detailed and personalised plan will be discussed with you. Your feedback at this stage is important to make sure that any recommendations seem achievable for you.

Follow up and maintenance:

A further follow up appointment or call will be scheduled if appropriate and as required on an individual basis

What’s the difference between a Dietician and a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist or nutritional therapist works with a range of clients, usually in the private sector. They are able to evaluate and address your individual needs and use extensive evidence base for nutrition science to develop a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme.

A Dietician usually works within the NHS and is qualified to treat complex clinical conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, eating disorders and malnutrition. They are able to prescribe medication (eg insulin), and would usually need a referral from your GP or Consultant.

More about Nicola…

In 2021 Nicola completed the Royal Society of Public Health level 4 award in Nutrition . Her work as an Acupuncturist has always included lifestyle and nutritional recommendations so adding formal nutritional qualification was a natural progression and complements her Acupuncture work.

Nicola has been providing Acupuncture sessions to patients for over 20 years now. She works 2 days a week at Bedale Osteopaths and also runs a clinic in Easingwold. She has also worked in the NHS with cancer patients for a number of years via a social enterprise which she set up to provide acupuncture to patients in hospitals.

Nicola’s previous degrees in pathology and hematology give her a unique insight into both western and eastern medicine. She has developed a particular interest in working with complex or longstanding cases, and likes to keep up to date with current research and developments in acupuncture treatment.

Nicola is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and she is registered with the Teenage Cancer Trust as a volunteer therapist.

I came in for acupuncture to help my knees which were sore from severe arthritis. After having treatment I felt smoother and integrated – like my knees were part of me again. Acupuncture has made me feel more mobile and more confident in moving. The pain has definitely reduced and become less of a factor in my everyday life.

J Nylan