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Use it or Lose it!

As we get older our joints begin to stiffen  and it appears that the old adage use it or lose it is true! Many studies are now showing that the best way of dealing with osteoarthritic pain from joints is to exercise the area.

How does exercising my sore joint help?
When a joint is sore and stiff we tend to protect it and use it less. This can lead to muscle wasting and an inability to use the joint fully so a vicious circle of pain and weakness can begin.

How can I help myself?
If you have a painful or stiff joints consider the following tips:
Exercise : Everyone can exercise, you just need to find the level of activity that suits you. we can advise if you need guidance.
Start gently and gradually build up your level of exercise over a long period of time to reduce the risk of injury.
Breathe! Lie on the bed with your knees bent and a comfortable pillow under your neck and try 5 slow deep breathes. The act of lying down allows your muscles to take a quick break and breathing can aid that relaxation.
Be more active around the house, stand rather than sit. Housework, gardening, an evening stroll, dance, take the stairs, park the car a bit further away from your destination, wave your arms in the air! Anything that moves you about will increase your pulse rate and use energy improve fitness and increase joint mobility.
Watch your weight: Weight is a factor in hip knee and low back pain. Often a lack of exercise due to pain does not help attempts at keeping down weight. However walking, swimming and cycling or an exercise bike all help the lungs and heart and can be used to burn fat. Swimming is particularly good for strengthening sore joints.
Osteopathy, acupuncture and massage can all be of use in addressing the aches pains and stiffness of the joints helping to relax muscles and gently encouraging joint mobility. Call us if you want to speak to someone about your aches and pains and see if we can get you moving again!