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Press Release 2010

 January 2010 Press Release

Bedale Osteopaths defrosting the north!
While the rest of the country are still facing the big freeze the thaw has arrived at Bedale Osteopaths for people suffering from a frozen shoulder.
Suzanne Hibberd and Stuart Bentley are the first practitioners in the North East to offer the Neil Asher defrost programme, a proven and natural approach which can ease the extreme pain of a frozen shoulder by as much as 80%.
“We became interested in the Neil Asher technique after hearing about its success rate from one of our local patients.” Says Suzanne.  Chris Jakeman, owner of Mad Hatters Tearoom in Masham , began with severe shoulder pain after reaching awkwardly to pick something up. His pain did not settle with rest, heat or painkillers and it gradually  began to prevent him from undertaking  every day tasks. The pain was excrutiating and an unbroken nights sleep became a distant memory.
“The pain was so bad that eventually I decided to drive a 500 mile round trip to London to try this treatment. Within 2 visits my pain had decreased considerably and I was able to lift my arm sufficiently to start driving again. When I returned I urged Suzanne to take the course to prevent others in my situation having to travel so far.”
After undertaking the extra training required Suzanne says “Stuart and I have worked with this technique for 3 years now and are delighted with the results. We have patients from all over the North East travelling to us for advice and treatment. Frozen shoulders are extremely painful and the symptoms can last for 18 months or more so it is very rewarding to be able to offer our patients a good chance of pain relief.”
If you suffer from shoulder neck or back pain osteopathy might help you. See or for more details.