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pregnant and suffering from low back pain?

Osteopathy can offer a drug free way to ease pain during pregnancy.

Lower back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint. It can impact on your ability to work, it can make looking after other children very difficult. Pain and stiffness can disturb your sleep and prevent you from being able to carry out your normal daily activities.

Why do we suffer when we are pregnant?
Hormonal changes make your ligaments softer during pregnancy, this is to prepare your pelvis for labour, but it can also make your back become more vulnerable to stresses and strains. As your bump grows, this creates postural changes and puts extra pressure on your back which can lead to lower back pain. Sometimes, if you have an old injury, pregnancy can exacerbate these symptoms.

Osteopaths understand that the body is undergoing a lot of changes in pregnancy and can tailor their techniques to suit the pregnant body. The aim is to restore function in a safe and gentle manner, the osteopath will look to see how your joints are moving and identify any restrictions .

What can be done to help?

Osteopathic treatment can often help, we use massage to ease muscular pain and spasm and can help you to free up locked or restricted joints. We can offer you advice on various things such as how to manage better at work or how to lift other children, and guide you on breathing exercises and gentle stretches  which can be enormously beneficial when you are in pain.

other tips that may help…

A support belt – often this will help during pregnancy as it can stabilise your lower back and pelvis.

Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees – this helps keep the pelvis and lower back comfortable.

Try to keep your pelvic floor muscles as strong as possible, all pregnancy books describe exercises that can help.

Take regular breaks – whether you’re at work or home it is important to pace activities. Listen to your back and rest regularly.

Avoid heavy lifting – try to get help if something needs lifting, or better still don’t lift!

Try yoga or pilates – there are groups that specifically run for women during pregnancy.

If you are struggling and need specific advice call us. Both Anna and Suzanne have undergone extra training in helping pre and post natal mums.