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Osteopathy is a therapy that can help all ages address a wide variety of conditions.

Have you ever been told –

“It’s your age”

“It’s wear and tear”

“Just take pain killers”

“You will have to learn to live with it”

Osteopathy does not mind how old you are or how long you have had a problem it is a therapy that can help all ages address a wide variety of conditions.

We often hear from people who have been told that there is nothing that can be done for their pain because it is due to arthritis or wear and tear. They are offered pain killers and sometimes exercises.

Yes, as our bodies get older we are likely to have some wear and tear in our joints and this can lead in some cases to pain and stiffness . But just because you have had a diagnosis of  “wear and tear” or “ osteoarthritis” it does not mean that you can’t find ways to help yourself. Sometimes even a small change can have a big effect on pain or mobility.

We can’t offer a magic pill, or a cutting edge surgery, but we can offer assessment, treatment and advice that is individually tailored to you. Our Osteopaths have four years of training focused on the body, looking at muscles, bones and nerves, blood flow and biomechanics. They will take time to  assess your case and provide you with the information you need to start helping yourself improve. As well as advice on how you can help yourself our practitioners work is very hands on. We use massage, stretching and joint movements to increase mobility and help to restore function to tight, sore or stiff areas. Offering knowledge about which exercises are appropriate and at which time is often key to success. Even if you feel that you have tried exercises before and failed (often  because they caused more pain) it is usually a case of finding the variation that suits you that you can stick with to get results. This is why an individual approach is essential.

If you want to find out more give us a call to arrange to speak to one of our practitioners.

In the current covid lockdown we are operating within strict health and safety guidelines and are recommending online consultations in some cases .

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