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New mum health

Being a new mum can be rewarding but also has many challenges!

Recovery after giving birth takes time and patience, but very often the focus will be much more on the baby than on mum.

Taking time to try and relax, snatching rest and naps whenever you can and accepting support from your loved ones is essential.  Getting out for a walk or doing gentle stretches and breathing exercises in the early days can help you to readjust.

Our bodies can take time to adapt and recover from any birth trauma and are also very influenced by fluctuating hormones.  We often find that neck and shoulder pain are common in the first few months after giving birth. This can be due to altered postures from heavier breasts and sitting hunched over when feeding your baby. Being upright and using cushions to support your arms and low back can really help.

Low back or pelvic pain are also quite common as your pelvic floor, low back and abdominal muscles take time to readjust and repair.

If you find that you are continuing to have aches and pains, then please take the time to look after yourself. We can offer assessment, hands on treatment and exercise advice that is specifically adapted to you to help you bounce back sooner rather than later.

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