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This week is International Osteopathic Healthcare week  (15th – 22nd April)

This campaign is big on social media and online and aims to share key lifestyle messages to help the public, and our patients,  make informed decisions around how they can better look after their health!

Today’s society places ever-increasing demands on the time of our patients, from the pressures of juggling a career, household chores, and caring for loved ones, and we appreciate that it can be difficult for patients to find the time to concentrate on their own health. It is often only when a person’s health begins to suffer, and their body forces them to slow down that they seek osteopathic treatment.

Elements of the campaign

The importance of physical activity:

Around two thirds of men and half of women in the UK meet the minimum recommended national levels of physical activity.   The campaign will focus on how much physical activity people should do, how they can get started or become more active and the positive influence that physical activity can have on their health.

SLEEP: Did you know that one in 3 people in the UK are affected by insomnia? Everyone knows the feeling after a bad nights sleep, from irritability to unproductivity, but longer lasting sleep disruption can have a much more significant effect on our patient’s mental wellbeing and physical health.The campaign will provide useful information and tips to patients to help them improve their sleep and reduce their risk long term of serious health problems.

Managing Long term conditions:

Pain, whilst unpleasant, can be a very useful sensation to have. Short term – or ‘acute’ – pain helps us learn from our experience, to protect us from injury. In some circumstances, however, pain may persist even after healing has finished. The campaign will provide hints and tips to  patients who may be struggling with chronic or persistent pain or have a long-term condition such as Arthritis or Osteoporosis.

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