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Can you stick to your New Years resolutions?

Its that time of year again! As 2016 begins many of us will be reassessing our health and fitness routines.

Keeping active is key to feeling fit and well physically and mentally. Movement and exercise keeps the back healthy, flexible and strong and can help to reduce spinal pain.
Whatever your exercise choices are, begin your routine gently with a good warm up period and include stretching as part of your warm down. You should not feel pain during your routine but you may feel some discomfort for a day or two after using your muscles. Have a rest day in between fitness work when you first begin. Often too much too soon is the main reason for injury.[box] Could you benefit from osteopathy? We can help you to understand why you might have pain or suffer from recurrent injury. Our osteopaths are experts in bodies and how they work. We have knowledge and experience that can help you to pinpoint which areas of your body are in need of stretching, which areas need strengthening and help you to stay on track with your new years resolution!