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Are you uncomfortable at work?

Are you uncomfortable at work? Does sitting at your desk lead to neck and shoulder pains? Do you have a headache by the end of the day?

Buying an expensive new chair is not the only option. Why not take a fresh look at how you sit, ask a colleague or friend to take a picture of you at your desk, a side view is best. Try and get them to take a picture when you are not expecting it and see what your sitting posture is really like.

Once you can see how you sit check these easy guidelines:

  • Look at your head position. If your ear is further forwards than the middle of your shoulder then you will be prone to neck and shoulder pain or headaches. It will help you if you bring your shoulders and chin backwards into a more neutral position.


  • Is your screen too low? Your eye line should be within 30 degrees of the top of your screen. If it is too low use a box file to raise it and check that posture for comfort.


  • Is your low back supported ?  Do you slouch? Your back muscles will tire if you do not use the support of the chair and if you slouch you will be placing the discs of you low back under considerable strain. Rectify this by sitting up a little and positioning your bottom back in the chair and allow the chair to support you.

These are just some of the common sitting posture problems that we see our patients struggle with. If rectifying these points don’t help to resolve your aches and pains call us for specific advice. We are here to help.