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Are you in the office most days?

Many of us have desk based jobs. A lot of the office workers that we see suffer from neck, shoulder and  low back pain as a result of sitting for too long at a computer. Rather worryingly a sedentary job is now also increasingly being linked to obesity and chronic diseases. So, when you have to spend 6-8 hours a day at the computer how can you stay fit and active?

The answer is simple, you need to take every opportunity to move !

Get up every half hour if possible, even if its just a trip to the bin or the printer. Move the bin and the printer further away to remind you!

Whenever possible stand up and walk about, when you are taking calls can be a good opportunity.

If you have to do work on your tablet or laptop try putting it on top of a filing cabinet and standing to do some of your work. Standing desks are an excellent idea and are becoming more affordable.  When your standing your back and neck will usually be in a better position and you burn more calories.

Drink lots to stay hydrated and increase your number of walks to the loo!

Tea and lunch breaks are often very short or non existent but try and grab a 5-10 minute walk whenever possible to break up the day and boost circulation.

Ditch the email conversations and get up to go and talk to your colleagues.

You don’t have to splash out on a fitbit! Set a GET MOVING!  reminder on your watch , phone or computer to beep at you and get you into the habit of moving more regularly.