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Buddah’s Triangle


When combined, three acupuncture points on the wrist can greatly help with stress, anxiety and feeling low. Together, they are called Buddha’s Triangle. They are Heart 7 (HT7), Pericardium 6 (P6) and Lung 9 (LU9).

HT7 helps to calm the mind as well as helping with insomnia and sadness.

P6 also helps to calm the mind but is most useful in its function of helping relieve the nausea and palpitations often found when feeling anxious.

LU9 promotes the function of the lung, in particular the ability to take a deep breath. We can control our nervous system and relieve acute stress with deep breaths, but many people find it hard to do “breath work” in the moment of stress.


Self treatment using acupressure


HT7 is located on the wrist crease, towards the little finger side about one-fifth of the distance across the wrist. Feel for a hollow just into the centre of the wrist from the pisiform bone.

P6 is located in the centre of the wrist between the two tendons that can be felt when you make a loose fist and three finger widths below the wrist crease.



LU9 is located on the thumb side of the wrist, in the dent on the wrist crease just below the palm.
Press firmly and you may find a tender spot that feels like a bruise or an indentation. This is the spot! Press and massage for up to 10 seconds – it’s often easiest to use the thumbnail of the opposite hand for this, then move to the next spot and repeat for a minute or two.
You can press on one or both sides, depending on what is comfortable for you.

If you would like to use acupressure magnets we can send some in the post and Nicola will call you to talk you through sticking them on the correct place.