How much will it cost?


Price list 

We are currently not able to offer hands on treatment due to Covid 19. We are offering our existing patients free telephone advice and support. Please email or telephone us and your practitioner will call you back. 

We are also offering osteopathic online video consultations with Felix. These can be booked via our online booking system and are £40 for an initial assessment and £20 for a follow up consultation. 


First visit – all new patients                   £52.00                40 minutes to 1 hour
Follow up visit                                           £43.00                30 minutes.
Children & Babies                                    £38.00                30 minutes                                                                                                             Parent & child session                            £70.00                (1 hour appointment, 1 adult & 1 child under 16)

If you have not been in to see us for more than 8 years we will require you to book an appointment as a new patient as your records may have been disposed of in accordance with current legislation.



45 minute appointment                         £42.00


1 hour appointment                                 £42.00


1 hour appointment                                 £42.00

Indian Head Massage

30-45 minute appointment                  £42.00



(Bupa and other Healthplan members see your policy cover for Osteopathy )