Are you suffering from back pain?


You are not alone, four out of five Britons will suffer from backache at some time in their lives.

The good news is that 95% of low back pain is “non-specific” this means that it is NOT due to serious damage or disease and won’t need a scan or x-ray.

For this type of back pain a combined approach of education, exercise and hands on massage, stretching and mobilisation work can really help.

Our osteopaths use soft tissue massage, joint manipulation, stretching and relaxation techniques to help to encourage normal movement and muscle tone in the sore or stiff areas. We look at your posture and examine you as a whole to see if other areas are contributing to your pain. Postural advice and exercises to rehabilitate you are integral to our approach. We want you to learn how to help yourself get better and where possible avoid future injury.


We are always happy to talk to you about your specific pain or problem prior to booking an appointment, just call or email us and ask to speak to one of the osteopaths.

Before osteopathic treatment I was in a lot of discomfort and pain, it was hampering my daily life. Since treatment I feel much better, my life is back to normal again! I can do all the things I was not able to do and feel free from pain.

H Coultish