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1st February 2024

For the last 12-18 months I have struggled with a very painful shoulder.  My work was badly affected and my mental wellbeing was deteriorating. I couldn’t see any way of recovering. Suzanne suggested the issue was not simply a physical one and that I was suffering from chronic pain.

Her treatment went over and above osteopathy and involved the following: Giving me a pain questionnaire to complete to help us both understand what my issues/ triggers were, Providing reading material on dealing with chronic pain, Directing me to podcasts from leading professionals (Howard Schubiner) Directing me to relevant Apps (eg Curable)

Listening and talking through the issues with me and encouraging me to learn tools to deal with stress and anxiety that were contributing to my chronic pain (eg visualisation, mediation, breathing exercises, writing thoughts and feelings down on paper). By helping me learn tools to manage my pain /stress levels, combined with regular standard osteopathic treatments, I am now pain free with full shoulder movement restored and in a much better place mentally.