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Osteopathy for Pregnancy and Post Natal Mums


Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also be challenging. It is a time when you are unable to take many medicines or painkillers and therefore a time when you may look for alternative methods of easing pain or discomfort. Pregnancy can cause general aches and pains including joint and back pain and osteopathy could help.

The emotional effects of coming to terms with your new situation may take its toll. Even the happiest mum-to-be might have periods of anxiety and stress which may affect her physically. Relaxation advice, massage and breathing techniques may help you adapt to some of these changes.

A woman’s body changes during pregnancy. Those changes include the softening of ligaments, weight increase and changes to posture. That can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body, including the spine or pelvis.

Common problems that may be helped during this time include: mechanical neck pain, shoulder aches and pains, neuralgia, muscle cramps, digestive discomfort, low back pain and neck related headaches.

Osteopathy, acupuncture and massage can all be used whilst pregnant. Call to speak to one of our practitioners if you want to know more about a specific problem and we can advise which therapy might best suit your needs.

Top tips for pregnant mums

Keep active: Try to be as active as you can. Walking, stretching, yoga and swimming are great forms of exercise to keep up your fitness levels and prepare your body for the challenges ahead.

Breathe: Get in tune now with your breathing. Slow and deep breathing on a regular basis can help relax and calm you, and is good practice for during labour.

Update and check your bra fittings on a regular basis. Ill fitting bras may lead to upper back pain or breast compression which towards the end of pregnancy could contribute to mastitis.

Try not to let yourself sit in a slumped position. Sit upright with your low back supported by a cushion to avoid low back and pelvic pain.

Stretch as often as you can, calf stretches can boost your circulation and help you avoid cramp. Low back and buttock muscle stretches can relieve tension and pain.

After your baby is born

As your child grows try not to get into the habit of feeding them or carrying them on just one side. This will lead to lopsided postural changes. Consider trying a baby hip carrier, it can distribute the stresses of carrying your child across your pelvis.

If you have aches and pains after the baby is born get checked out by your osteopath. Many mums put themselves last and put up with pain after childbirth. Do not wait until your child is off to high school before you get around to sorting out your post pregnancy problems!

We are always happy to talk to you about your specific pain or problem prior to booking an appointment, just call or email us and ask to speak to one of the osteopaths.

Before treatment I felt stiff , achy and concerned about the pain. Hands on treatment has made a remarkable difference to me, and I now have the skills and exercises to continue. Thank you!

S Tindall