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Work related injuries



Millions of working days are lost each year due to occupational injuries. If you have pain from a work related injury or posture, the osteopathic approach may help you.


Building and manual workers

Low back pain and sciatica are a common complaint in this profession. Often a combination of recurrent bending and lifting are the main reasons for injury. Underestimating the weight or awkwardness of a load may cause a sudden and unexpected loading of the spine.

At Bedale Osteopaths we work to advise and help people in all sorts of trades, plumbers, builders, carpenters, roofers etc. Our aim is to support and help the swiftest return to work possible.


Computer and office work

Sitting at a computer can lead to a variety of aches and pains many of which can often be addressed by relaxing muscular tension and improving your posture.  Our osteopaths have trained in ergonomics and can provide guidance on how to set up your workstation which can be vital in your recovery.



Taking time off work is not an option for most of our farmers. Low back pain and stiffness, sciatica, hip and knee problems commonly affect these workers. Relief from pain can often be achieved by treatment and careful management of your workload.

Slightly altering your posture whilst doing certain jobs can often make enough of a difference to allow the healing process to begin.


Case history – farmer with low back and neck pain

A male farmer in his early 50’s sees us once or twice a year for low back and neck pain. Hours of sitting on the tractor looking over his shoulder locks up his neck, whilst his low back suffers from stiffness and pain because of the lack of suspension on his older model tractor. 1-2 visits at the end of each harvest allows him to resolve his problems to an acceptable level, until the next harvest time.


Driving problems

Many people drive for hours each day. This can lead to low back pain or neck and shoulder problems.  We can offer advice on how to set up your car and try to avoid problems occurring.


Taking time off work because of injury is not an option for everyone. We treat many workers who are self-employed or run companies and cannot afford to take long periods of time off when they are sick. If you have pain but are not able to take time off work for your injury we can see you promptly usually within 2 days and offer guidance on what to do next.



 Osteopathy can be an extremely effective way of ensuring your workforce remain fit and healthy or recover more quickly from posture or work related injuries.  Prevention is better than cure. Checkups and maintenance treatment for those who have a history of problems will help to spot postural problems that are beginning to build up and keep staff motivated to keep up with exercises or stretches.

We are always happy to talk to you about your specific pain or problem prior to booking an appointment, just call or email us and ask to speak to one of the osteopaths.

When I told Anna the problem I was having with my back after an injury at work and she put her finger directly on the pain you know you’re dealing with a professional. I’ve been suffering for a month and one movement provided so much relief. The light at the end of the tunnel has been switched back on!
Thank you and see you soon.

D Laity