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Here is some feedback from some of our customers …


After suffering with shoulder pain for months I was persuaded by a friend to see Suzanne. I thought I had arthritis, but at my first treatment with Suzanne I was told I had a frozen shoulder. Never heard of it until then. Thanks to Suzanne’s care and wondrous hands I am now pain free and more flexible. Thank you x

D Laycock


First ever massage yesterday, didn’t know what to expect but Helen was brilliant. I am sitting straighter and feeling relaxed for the first time in a long time. Fully recommend her and will be returning to deal with my pesky left gastrocnemius!

L Brain


When I told Anna the problem I was having with my back after an injury at work and she put her finger directly on the pain you know your dealing with a professional. I’ve been suffering for a month and one movement provided so much relief. The light at the end of the tunnel has been switched back on!
Thank you and see you soon

D Laity


Before treatment I was feeling low, exhausted and suffered with headaches for over two years. The day after my first treatment I woke up without a headache – amazing. It has given me back my life.  I’m enjoying the old me!

B Mace


As someone who suffers with a chronic back problem Bedale Osteopaths have been

pivotal in keeping me as mobile as possible and managing my pain. They offer a

professional and friendly treatment service which in my opinion is holistic. I

have also recently injured my shoulder and was seen immediately and supported

throughout my acute phase and beyond. I would and have recommend the practice to

anyone who is struggling with musculoskeletal issues.

RM. North yorks.


Having been diagnosed with a degenerative spine by my doctors I needed to maintain a good life. Manage my pain and walk without the aid of a stick. Contact with my local physio was very upsetting as I was told that nothing could be done. Feeling very miserable as I walked down the street in Bedale I saw the sign for Bedale Osteopaths. I walked in off the street and asked if someone could help me. From then on I was cared for ., sorted out and made to feel so much better mentally and Physically. I have been a patient of the practice for eight years having a monthly MOT and care when my aches and pains become severe . I no longer use a stick and find that I lve a much happier life – thank you to the bedale team.

J.T North yorks


Hi Suzanne,

I just want to say a huge thank you to you, for the treatment you gave me last month, which allowed me to go on my Greenland sea-kayaking expedition. I have attached a couple of photos! The air temperature was about 8-10 degrees, the water was -3!!

Very many thanks. Wendy B.


“Suzanne is a miracle! She keeps me going”


I have been seeing Suzanne for some years now following a road trafic accident, which apart from lots of broken bones, ended up causing me disc problems and back pain to the point where it became so severe I needed spinal surgery. I had regular osteopathic treatment leading up to operation and it was a godsend. I could hardly walk, was bent over, on a very high dose of painkillers and the treatment just gave me the relief I needed to get to the next week; without it, I would have been in bed unable to move a lot more than I was. During this time I was pregnant with my second child and it was a further 8 months following his birth that I had the surgery. I am now 1.5 years post op and have Osteopathic treatment about about every 4-6 weeks just to keep me on track.

 I recomend Osteopathy to anyone suffering from back or leg pain as I simply could not have got by without it.

 S.W.  Northallerton

What our patients say about the frozen shoulder technique…

I wish to express my deep thanks for you kind help and treatment of my frozen shoulders. When I came to see you a few months ago I was in a desperate condition. I had two frozen shoulders; was in considerable pain all the time; could not sleep at night; and had extremely limited functionality in both shoulders. Steroid injections had failed and my condition was exacerbated by rheumatoid arthritis.

Your treatment using the Niel-Asher technique has already given me almost full practical functionality in my shoulders; I can sleep comfortably again and have virtually no pain, you have restored my health and made it possible for me to enjoy life again.

I cannot express my thanks sufficiently. Not only did you skilfully treat my shoulders but you sympathetically guided me through the feelings of hopelessness that accompanied the distress I felt at being unable to function due to my frozen shoulders and the accompanying relentless pain. I wholeheartedly recommend your physical therapy and your application of the Neil-Asher technique.

RC. West Yorkshire

Having used physio, chiropractic and acupuncture to push the treatment along I found the Niel-Asher technique offered the best relief to the pain, and having the movement measured and recorded regularly showed improvements in the long term problem.

It took 18 months to get to the relative pain free stage and had it not been for the Neil-Asher technique it may have been somewhat longer. Thank you for your help.


The technique surpassed my expectations! No need to stop driving- Able to do most things, so much better than a manipulation under anaesthetic!

J Ellis

3 years ago I began to suffer from frozen shoulder which increasingly restricted my shoulder movement. The pain intensified and night time pain was a severe problem. I consulted my GP several times who eventually referred me to the NHS physiotherapy service where I was given a telephone consultation and some exercises to perform. These had no beneficial effect, the pain was still a problem and movement became more restricted. Eventually in consultation with my GP it was decided to inject my shoulder joint with a steroid injection so it could be manipulated by the NHS physiotherapist. The injection gave no pain relief. By this time my shoulder had seized up and I had pain all down my arm into my hand.

A good friend told me about Sue who used a different method of treating frozen shoulders. The night pain eased after the first session and had totally gone after the second session, it was such a relief to sleep again. It is six months since I began with Sue I have recovered most of my mobility and my husband no longer has to fasten my bra! I cannot thank Sue enough for giving me my life back.

Mrs D. Turner North Yorks


Hi Stuart.

I would like to thank you very much for the treatment

you have given me for my shoulder injuries.

I am now 99% recovered and am trying to build up

movement in both shoulders as you suggested.

I am highly delighted with your service and advice,

and am passing on your details to anyone I know

who has problems.

Thank you once again,


Kind regards

Pete Watson

“A combination of methods (injection and Neil Asher and massage) helped in my opinion, as after your treatment with you I could sleep without pain. 
I really think the holistic approach I followed helped me instead of just one or the other treatment.”

Comment from patient who wishes to remain anonymous via email may 2012


” Suzanne is lovely, very patient, clear in her explanations and I felt completely at ease with her. Thank you.”

 R.B. Northallerton.

“I recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering with frozen shoulder. I was in agony and had very restricted movement, which for an artist, is not good news. It was my right arm and I am right handed. In a very short time this treatment cut the pain and gave me back my arm.

As movement returned I started to draw large charcoal works on canvas. I’ve attached “Recovering From A Frozen Shoulder”  5’6 x 7′ approx, the largest i did in celebration of movement returning. Don’t suffer unnecesserily.

Thank you very much.”

H. McKenzie. York